Sourcing The Best Crystals & Stones

We formed Art of Crystal Healing in order to provide access to the best quality crystals and stones along with their meaning and purpose.

Our Story

Picking The Right Crystals

We handpick our crystals and stones for clients based on their individual needs and with the final purpose in mind. Each type of crystal features it's own unique properties and we are a one-stop source for all varieties.

Origins in Healing

As one of the founders of the company, Jody has used crystals and stones for many years in her massage practice in order to affect change and produce results for clients with various needs. 
Now we offer the same options for those who want the same crystals and enrichment at home, or just to collect their favorite pieces.

Pride in our Craft

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Brilliant Minds

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The Worlds Greatest Crystals & Stones —


Contact us with your desired crystals or stones to have us source the best options for you.


We put people in contact with unique & fascinating pieces from around the world.


For those who seek crystals with intention, we align our offerings with their special characteristics and abilities.


Build your collection with our wide range of stones and crystals not seen elsewhere.


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